Mods Organizer Tool

Experiment with your own mods combination!

What's for

If you have plenty of mods installed on your computer but you want to use different combinations, this tool will help you organise them with an easy enable/disable toggle. Just select your favourite mods and then start your game.

In a few steps

If the game path is pointing to your game installation folder, you will see the Mods you have installed. When it is ready, do the next simple actions:

1) Choose the mods you want to enable and disable the rest in the column Enabled.

2) Click on "Apply changes" button at the bottom right corner of the desktop

3) Click on "Start game" button at the top right corner of the desktop

And enjoy!

Want more fun?

If you want to go further and try different combinations, you can give them a name and save it with the Configuration drop-down to recover to load it later. Manipulate your configurations with the "Modlets" in the menu bar

What, did you find import/export modlet options in the menu bar? Yeah, also available! Did you download new compressed mod files? Install them with these options too! It will decompress the content under Mods game folder (just make sure the compressed file content is right). Besides, you can see a preview of the mod files content on the left panel and if you double-click on any file name your computer will open it with your default program. And whenever you get tired of a mod and want to delete it, right-click on it and choose "Delete from disk...". Easy!