Release Log

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Release v1.5.0 (7th May 2021)

New modding tool "Zombies Configuration" added! Plus tweaks in Built-In Modding and fixes Quest Generator sections.

  • Zombies Configuration:
  • - New modding tool! Access to edit the vanilla zombies details and edit them to adjust the difficulty and some attributes of EACH of them. Check the tutorial for more info.
  • Built-In Modding:
  • - Added new built-in mod to edit the "Quality" colors of the items to the color of your choice. A palette with details will pop up to let you select it quickly.
  • - Added new built-in mod to avoid zombies can climb ladders.
  • - Reviewed all the existing mods to match the existing vanilla content and modify accordingly so they are ignored when they are loaded in the game.
  • Quest Generator:
  • - Fixed "id" field in main mandatory fields to update the value correctly when name field is modified.
  • - Fixed column "name" in "Spawn Enemies" tab to show the same zombie name selected in the drop-down instead of the id.

Release v1.4.2 (20th March 2021)

Quest Generator enhancements.

  • Quest Generator:
  • - Redesigned "New" quest button to be able to select a template from a vanilla quest and custom your quest from there.
  • - Added readonly field "Id" in quest mandatory fields to let the user see the generated value in the Preview.
  • - Added biome filter when going to random POI in a quest. Available options are Exclude/Only and Wasteland/Pine Forest to make combinations.
  • - Added context menu with right-click in the last quest of a chain to move it to a different parent quest.
  • Others:
  • - Modified the download mechanism of a newer version to be simpler and avoid using php technology.
  • - Toast messages fixed in Dark Noire theme.

Release v1.4.1 (29th December 2020)

New desktop themes.

  • Added gray and dark themes available in Settings menu.
  • Fixed issue in Horde Calendar where the month name would disappear after refreshing the calendar.

Release v1.4 (14th November 2020)

Alpha 19 compatibility and a few tweaks.

  • Quest Generator:
  • - Added new flags introduced in alpha 19 to see quest targets.
  • Book Perks:
  • - Added new books introduced in alpha 19.
  • - Added buttons to select all perks of a collection at once and bold text with bonus when all of them were learnt.

Release v1.3.1 (29th June 2020)

Few enhancements for quest generator section and other minor fixes.

  • Quest Generator:
  • - Added new quest objective types FetchFromContainer and POIStayWithin to reproduce quests to find treasure inside random POIs.
  • - Quest profile preview content is split by tabs now as well as the quest preview.
  • - Drop down lists sorted by current selected language.
  • Built-In Modding:
  • - Minor fixes to load default values and show checkboxes properly aligned.

Release v1.3.0.1 (27th May 2020)

Fixed an issue at start that didn't let open the tool for first time.

Release v1.3 (20th May 2020)

New built-in modding for vehicles, new search field in vanilla viewer and some quest generator enhancements and fixes

  • Built-in Modding:
  • - Added options to enable a speed boost for the bicycle, minibike, motorbike, 4x4 truck and gyrocopter to a more realistic value.
  • Vanilla Viewer:
  • - Added a search field to look up specific words in the selected file quickly.
  • Quest Generator:
  • - New option to setup requirements in phases: Holding to complete actions with some item on your hands or body (empty value to do with "bare hands") or Buff to do it under the effect of some buff.
  • - Automatic ending quest steps are now configurable by the user with the optional field "End at trader" in Main fields tab.
  • - Quest preview will show generated code split by files in different tabs to allow users to know where the code will be allocated.
  • - Duplicating quest names is not allowed any more.
  • Quality of Life:
  • - Added menu option under Help to open the release log online in your browser.
  • - Toast messages centered relative to the tool desktop, not to your screen.

Release v1.2.3 (9th May 2020)

Fixing quest generator issues

  • Quest Generator:
  • - Fixed challenges items generation in free loot that were not using the correct values.
  • - Added the possibility of setting up the objective type ZombieKill to kill any zombie by leaving the name blank.

Release v1.2.2.1 (8th May 2020)

Fixing quest generator issues

  • Quest Generator:
  • - Adding RandomGoto objective type for challenges (RandomPOIGoto is only meant for quests).
  • - Minor fixes and cetering columns in some tables.

Release v1.2.1 (7th May 2020)

Fixing quest generator issues

  • Quest Generator:
  • - Fixed several objective types that were asking for an id wrongly.
  • - Added validations when saving or updating the quest. These include having only one type for specific types and phases gap detector
  • - Now the first phase in objectives or spawns is not phase 1 mandatorily but a warning will be shown after saving.

Release v1.2 (27th April 2020)

Adding book history and minor quest generator fixes.

  • Section in main desktop screen organised in Modding and Utilities.
  • Book History:
  • - Added a new section to organise your learnt books and identify which ones you are still missing quickly.
  • - Save different gameplay progresses.
  • Quest Generator:
  • - Few button, column header and alert names rewritten.

Release v1.1 (5th April 2020)

Adding horde calendar and quest generator enhancement for rewards.

  • Horde Calendar:
  • - Added a configurable calendar to know in advance when next horde nights will happen in your favourite servers.
  • - Setup the real day and time of the world generation (Day 1) and the tool will generate the upcoming hordes.
  • Quest Generator:
  • - Added the option of adding random items to the rewards (the categories are defined by the vanilla game and cannot be modified).

Release v1.0.1 (1st Mar 2020)

Adding little enhancements to quest generator and built-in moddings

  • Added new built-in moddings:
  • - Added money stack size.
  • - Added relax tier IV/V clear zombies to 25/50 zombies only.
  • Quest Generator:
  • - Added "Preview" to saved currently selected profile content to see the generated modlet content.
  • - Enhanced items and zombies combos to show translated name instead of id and be more user friendly.
  • - Added option to remove all vanilla challenges.
  • Help Menu:
  • - Added new option to check for updates.
  • - Added new option to check installed game version.
  • Settings Menu:
  • - Added new option to check for updates at start automatically.

Release v1.0.0.5 (9th Feb 2020)

Fixed compatibility issues when opening the tool and built-in animal moddings.

  • Fixed some issues when opening the tool.
  • Updated remove animal built-in moddings to alpha 18:
  • - Updated remove animal snakes, vultures, bears and wolves.
  • - Added remove animal dogs.
  • - Added remove animal coyotes.
  • - Added remove animal mountain lions.

Release v1.0 (3rd Feb 2020)

Initial roll out of the app with the main sections

  • Built-In Modding
  • Mods Organiser
  • Vanilla Viewer
  • Quest Generator